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Proximize is a mobile app that is made for college students so they can prioritize and maximize their time. It uses biometric hand sensors that count the number of people going in and out of the five dining halls on campus. When the user opens the app they can see how populated each dining hall is so they can plan their time efficiently. All the extra time not spent standing in line and wrestling with the crowds now can be spent studying, socializing, and working. Proximize will lay the foundation to create a connected environment on campus for future students. With the same technology that Proximize uses, eventually we can connect all of the buildings on campus.


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Sensor based data

Biometric hand sensors that count students coming in and leaving the dining halls.

Internet of Things Technology

Technology that will allow students to eventually connect to all areas on campus..


Location Services

Map of each dining hall so students never get lost.

Trend Graph

Daily capacity graphs for each dining hall.

The Team

Meet the faces behind Proximize

Jordan James


Jordan is a Journalism major. After college, Jordan plans to continue his pursuit of a career in print and broadcast sports journalism. In his time at UGA he has been a beat reporter covering UGA Football and UGA Men’s Basketball. This past summer he was a sports intern at CBS46 in Atlanta. He is passionate about the media industry and enjoys telling stories through video and writing.

Hannah West


Hannah is a Journalism major who plans on combining her background in art with her new found interest in technology to pursue a career in web and graphic design. When she is not coding her life away, you can find her overdosing on sushi or collecting kittens around Athens.

Emily Berry

Visual Designer

Emily is a Fabric Design major with a passion for all things design. She’s a painter, mountain biker, mexican food lover and ice cream enthusiast. After college she plans on moving forward to pursue a career as a textile designer and she hopes to eventually become a computer ninja.

Blair Siegler

Content Producer

Blair is an advertising major from Atlanta, GA. Already having interned at an advertising agency, Havas Worldwide, this past summer, she's ready to apply what she's learned in her Psychology, Advertising, and New Media classes in order to pursue a career in the strategic/account planning department at an advertising or interactive agency.


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